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We appreciate your feedback

We’d like to thank the residents and family members who took the time to submit the following comments. If you’d like to send us a note, please use the Contact Form.

I helped a dear friend of mine move into Stafford Suites and could not be more impressed with the staff and facility. It gives me great comfort to know he is in excellent hands. They truly go above and beyond.

Lisa M.

Today Mom is happy, healthier, socializing more, and endeared to all the staff.

Fred B.

After Dad moved into SS his spirits grew greatly.

Beverly B.

All the staff at Stafford Suites are loving and caring.

Mary S.

Mom has been pleased with the care and services provided by Stafford suites. She has made some new friends.

Mom’s Family

My Dad moved into Stafford Suites over a year ago and he reunited with his cousin.  It’s nice to have Dad living in the town he grew up in.

Scott B.

Mom and Dad needed someone to prepare and cook for them.  Boy oh boy are they getting more than they expected.  They love the food and friendly service.

Eric M.

Mom has said many times after moving into Stafford Suites, “I wish I would have moved in years ago.”

Betty P.

Dad has adjusted well to his new home at Stafford Suites; he enjoys the company and food.

Pat M.

We moved Dad into Stafford Suites despite Covid 19 regulations requiring him to be in quarantine for 2 weeks; once he settled in, his spirits grew greatly. I attribute this largely to Stafford Suites loving and caring staff. I highly recommend Stafford Suites.

Dad’s Family