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We’re proud of our food.

Let’s be frank. Great building, great staff, great service—that’s what every family wants for their loved one. But what everyone wants to know is, “How’s the food?” It’s delicious.

Picture a fine dining restaurant without navigating the parking lot or a cruise ship without the rocking back and forth. Three great meals every day, multiple entrees to choose from, and oh, those desserts! Plus, special brunches and buffets during holidays. For many of our residents, it’s the best part of the day—and the biggest part of the evening’s conversation!

We’re famous for our delicious homemade soups, choice of entrees and fabulous desserts. But we also offer choices appropriate for diabetics and those that need to watch their salt intake.

You may smell it when you walk in the front door—the mouth-watering aromas of fresh baked breads, the sweet warmth of cookies right out of the oven, the rich and complex smells of a homemade soup or stew. Yum. Our chefs offer quality, quantity, and selection—served at your table, with a smile.

So, shop, prepare, and cook for yourself—or let our chef prepare a variety of tasty meals for you and your friends. That’s living easy.