Customized therapy for your specific needs

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Stafford Healthcare at Ridgemont is one of the first providers in the United States to implement the latest in virtual reality rehabilitation. The Omni VR is the only virtual reality system designed specifically for needs of geriatric patients and more medially complex conditions. This technology recreates the patient’s movements and captures exercise performance in a computer based environment for greater motivation outcomes. It is similar to a Wii but instead of the patient holding a remote control, a special 3-D camera picks up the patient’s movements and creates an avatar inside the game or exercise. With six different therapeutic exercise categories and adjustable levels of difficulty this state of the art system is both fun and beneficial to many types of patients.

Stand Strong Program

Our therapists have extensive training in fall prevention and balance disorders. Our trademarked Stand Strong Program includes numerous research backed assessments that help us not only determine when someone is at risk for falls, but also the specific reasons why. We can design a specific treatment plan to correct the identified deficits and keep our patients safely on their feet! We use multiple techniques and modalities including electrical stimulation to strengthen and retrain ankle and leg muscles as well as specific balance, flexibility and progressive resistive exercises, aerobic conditioning and specialized gait training.

Electrical Stimulation

When Picabo Street damaged her knee in a training run after winning the World Cup in Downhill skiing in 1996, her doctors were stumped. They could help her get her strength and mobility back, but her timing and coordination were still off. Her physiatrist developed an electrical stimulation pattern that exactly mimicked the electrical stimulation of a nerve on muscle. This patented technology is now available at Stafford Healthcare for patients with problems with muscle weakness and coordination. This very comfortable procedure can greatly improve function in limbs affected by strokes or other neurological conditions by retraining the nerves to activate the muscle activity. Our therapists also have additional specialized training in neurodevelopmental techniques (NDT) to improve neurological conditions and optimize normal movement and function for daily tasks.

Pain Management

Sometimes participation in therapy is difficult due to pain. At Stafford Healthcare we have several ways to treat pain without, or as a supplement to, traditional pain medication. Ultrasound waves can be used to create temperature increases that promote healing and reduce pain. Diathermy is an electromagnetic force that provides gentle pain relief and soft tissue repair. Electrical stimulation waveforms interfere with nerve pain pathways and also promote healing. All these modalities are safe, research backed and reimbursable by Medicare. Stafford Healthcare provides state of the art technology to aide in healing and promote functional recovery!