Our goal is to get you better

Stafford Healthcare at Ridgemont provides a full range of services for those needing short-term rehabilitation, outpatient rehab services and long-term care.

We are known for an approach to caring for residents and families with respect and dignity. Our team of licensed professionals and support staff work closely with our health care partners and family members to design a plan of care that is tailored to the medical, emotional and social needs of each individual.

Our rehabilitation programs feature the following:

Physical Therapy

The goal is to return you to your previous level of functioning after a brief illness or injury. Typically, physical therapy focuses on the larger muscles in your body, strength, endurance and balance to improve your ability to perform mobility and activities independently. The Physical Therapist will meet with you after you are admitted to set up an individually designed plan. Your rehabilitation program will take place in the rehab gym, as well as other locations throughout the facility that resemble “real life” situations.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists focus on reducing physical and cognitive impairments to increase your safety and improve your ability to function in daily activities. The Occupational Therapist will work with you to tailor a program that will allow you to safely perform your activities of daily living and return to your prior level of function.

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech therapy can address several different concerns. Primarily, speech therapy facilitates your recovery from a medical condition or illness that has affected your ability to verbally communicate. Also, speech therapy can assist you in regaining your ability to swallow safely.