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We appreciate your feedback

We’d like to thank the residents and family members who took the time to submit the following comments. If you’d like to send us a note, please use the Contact Form.

Our mom has lived at Stafford for 4-1/2 years and the most important thing has been the safety of all the Residents, especially during this time of Covid. There have been no cases at Stafford, for which we are extremely thankful. The Director worked diligently to have the Residents receive their vaccines as soon as possible.

Mom’s Family

There is excellent communication from the Director in advising the families of the Residents for any information needed to keep the Residents comfortable.  The Caregivers also are excellent in taking care of the Residents, making sure the families are aware of any issues that they need to know for the care of the Residents.

Great Communication

There are many daily activities for the Residents to choose from, if they desire.  The entire Staff is helpful at all times for the Residents, but also the families when issues come up.

Very Accommodating

Regular meals are served in the dining room with tablecloths and centerpieces for a welcome “family” feel to the room.  Residents can ask for extra helpings from the menu, or special items they’d like to have. During off-meal times, Residents can ask for and receive special food services.

Wonderful Food Service

My Mom has made Stafford Suites in Kent her home since 2015, and truly enjoys living there. Her apartment is roomy and beautiful, with nice, big windows that provide so much light! At 95 years old, she has gone from being an ‘independent’ resident to needing a little assistance in the last couple of years. The care staff, as well as the front desk, maintenance, kitchen and dining room, and office personnel, all treat her with great respect and dignity. I’m the person who oversees her care, and any questions or concerns I have are always addressed right away by the team. I can definitely recommend Stafford Suites.

Mom’s Family