Committed to healing the whole person

At Stafford, our goal is to surround our residents with all the comforts of home while providing the best in nursing care and support. We believe that the beauty and ease of the environment is an important part of recovery process. Cheerful staff members, inviting seating areas, colorful gardens – all of that and more contributes to well-being and improved health.

Outside Courtyards and Patios

Stafford has several courtyard and patio areas for residents and their families to use and enjoy. Careful attention is paid to the landscaping and maintenance of the grounds to make these areas enjoyable.

Reflection Garden

This is a peaceful place where one can go to connect with nature, God and self. Walking, sitting or wheeling in the garden has an amazing ability to shift the focus away from the physical and emotional trauma of illness to a place of solace and respite from the rigors of ill health. The garden path helps through recovery, wellness and a hopeful future.

Beauty Salon

Our full-service salon is a resident favorite.

Lobbies, Seating Areas, Gathering Rooms

Public meeting areas are comfortable and homey.

Fully Electric Beds

Understanding the desire to retain independence, we have made fully electrical beds available to each resident.

Free Cable Service

To relieve residents from the responsibility of paying a cable service each month, Stafford Healthcare has arranged for cable service throughout the facility for all.

Chaplain Services

This service is available to all residents. Whether it be a church service, Bible study, or some private spiritual conversation our Chaplain is eager to make you feel welcome at Stafford Healthcare.

If this is the level of care and healing you’re looking for, please contact us today for a tour of our location. Give us an opportunity to meet with you and answer all your questions.

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